Hybrid Identities

Topics: Pakistan, India, South Asia Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: March 15, 2009
Yasser Ali Explain briefly and evaluate why young British Asians may adopt hybrid identities British Asians are British citizens who are immigrants or descendants of immigrants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, a region known as South Asia or the Indian subcontinent. Immigration of South Asian people to the United Kingdom began in the period of British Raj in the Indian subcontinent. Immigration continued to increase largely even after the independence of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh from British rule, mainly for education and economic pursuits. Whole varieties of cultures have been learnt in Britain and are very popular amongst each and every person in the United Kingdom. Culture means the ‘ways of life of a group of people’. The word identity covers how we think about ourselves, how we think about other people around us, and what we think others think of us, it also means being able to figure out who we really are as a person. A hybrid cultural identity is one way to describe what it means to belong to two or more distinct cultural groups simultaneously and the conflicts that can arise between these two or more identities inside you. Hybrid Identities in the modern world mostly focus on the cultural conflict between ancestral culture and dominant mainstream culture. It can be something as simple as whether you choose to wear western style clothing or to wear clothing of your heritage, Deciding to stick to your cultural heritage or deciding to understand and conform to mainstream culture can result in being not accepted from either group, when in reality you belong to both. Young British Asians in the modern world have that conscience that they need to be accepted into different social groups and try to fit in, mainly the chain reaction to the start of a hybrid identity. Young British Asians of the second and third generation in this day and age have dual identities, where they inherit Asian identity through their...
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