Hybrid Animals of Oryx and Crake

Topics: Science, Human, DNA Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: October 22, 2013
This collage is made of the genetically engineered animals which are mentioned in Oryx and Crake as well as some other photoshopped hybrid animals. Pigoons, rakunks, snats, wolvogs, glowing rabbits, liobams and ultimately, the creation of the Crakers are evidence of heavily practiced genetic engineering. This not only shows that the world is highly dominated by science and technology, but also demonstrates the gradual loss of ethics and moral among scientists and the general public. As Jimmy’s mom says, this kind of scientific development is “interfering with the building blocks of life. It’s immortal. It’s... sacrilegious(57)”. The scientists believe that technology could manipulate both the animals’ and the people’s genetic information to achieve whatever goals they wish to achieve. The fast paced advancement of technology leads people to ignore natural products and recognize artificial creations as better options. Human power greatly overrides the power of nature, which is an idea that eventually leads Crake to design the extinction of human beings. This collage gathers all these man-made animals, with different colors and species of animals mixed together and creates a strong visual impact on the audience. The eccentricity of combinations and the arbitrary splices between two very different animals all represent the unnatural essence of these creatures. The rakunk and the snats are the two most special among all the mutated animals. The rakunk is a result of the careless manipulation of genes by the scientists, which “begun as an after-hour hobby on the part of one of the OrganInc biolab hotshots(51) ”. The scientists not only work against natural rules, but also do not take the work seriously. The creation of a new species and the combination of two different animals originates as the pastime of few talented scientists. Scientists says that “create-an-animal was so much fun... it made you feel like God(51)”. The lightheartedness of this comment shows that...
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