Hy Dairy Ltd. Case Study

Topics: Management, Factor analysis, Sociology Pages: 3 (439 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Name: Charles A. Ford____________________Case #: 1 2 3 Date:_14 Feb 2013__

1. Skim the Case

Key Person: Rochelle Beauport| Position: Assistant Brand Manager| Other People: Syd Gillman VP of Marketing|
What: Rochelle believes women and minorities cannot hold a position in upper management| Why: Rochelle received a lateral position instead of a management position| When: The situation needs to be resolved Immediately|

2. Identify the issues and related OB concepts

Issues or Problems| Related Course Topics|
1.Lack of communication by Syd Gilman as well as Rochelle Beauport| The Communications Process Model encoding message experiences and noise| 2. Lack of women and minorities in management positions at Hy Dairies Ltd.| Ethical sensitivity, Neuroticism(Five Factor Model)Surface level Diversity| 3. Mrs Beauport made assumptions about the company that may or may not be true.| Perception, Role Perceptions(MARS model)|

4. External & Internal Factors

Internal Factors
Low visibility of minorities/women Available PositionsCompany Policy

Previous encountersLow visibility of women and minoritiesCompany Image

External Factors

5. Alternatives to Solve Issues

Options| Pros| Cons|
1. Sit and talk to Mr. Gilman and make your thoughts known.| May get a better understanding of what Mr. Gilman’s intentions are.| His answers may not sway your beliefs.| 2. Could resign from her job.| Will take a stand for her beliefs and values.| Will be unemployed and in search of a new job yet again| 3. Could take the position and remain silent.| Will enjoy a raise | May experience a lack of motivation and stress.|

6. Criteria to Evaluate Alternatives

Qualitative| Employee Moral|
Quantitative| Profit|
Qualitative or Quantitative| Ethics|

7. Alternative Assessment

+ + N + +Alternative #1. Quant / Qual- - - -|
+ + N + +Alternative #2....
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