Hy Dairies Case

Topics: Marketing, Employment, Strategic management Pages: 6 (1034 words) Published: October 14, 2012
➢ Who has to make recommendation/decision: Rochelle Beauport ➢ Has to do what: To decide to either confront Gilman and change what she perceives as sexist and/or racist practices or to leave the company ➢ Why: Despite improving the sales of her brand (ice cream) for Hy Dairies she believes she is being “sidelined” because the company did not want women or minorities in top level management positions. ➢ When: Within the next few days, before she is assigned to her new job. ➢ To Whom do they make recommendation: Syd Gilman


A. Issues and Symptoms (cause and effects)
OB issue: Potential sexist and racist practices
1. At Beauport’s previous job she was told that women would not be able to handle a marketing management job. 2. She believes this movement is a way to remove her from high level market management

OB issue: Lack of communication
Evidence: Gilman assumes that Beauport will appreciate the movement within the company and gain more marketing experience. He feels this is a reward for increased sales while she feels she is being moved away from her desired career path.

B. External Analysis

STEP analysis – (Any items of important?)
|Social |Technological | |Beauport believes she is being removed from management because |No significant information | |she is a physical minority | | |There is poor communication between employees and superiors | | |focusing on career goals | | | | | |Economic |Political (& Environmental) | |No significant information |Beauport may be denied a management position because she is a | | |women and not seen as a capable leader |

C: Internal Analysis

1) Detailed company information
• Although there is no proof of discrimination at Hy Dairies at Beauport’s previous place of employment, a similar position at another food production firm, she was clearly told that women and minorities could not handle a position in marketing management • Hy Dairies and Gilman believes that they are rewarding Beauport for her hard work and increased sales

2) Financial Analysis – Irrelevant to case

3) SWOT Analysis
|Strengths |Weaknesses | |Knows she wants to stay in marketing management |Poor communication with superiors on goals and direction within | |Good at her current marketing job (increased sales) |the company | | |Doesn’t see the benefits of working as marketing research | | |coordinator | |Opportunities |Threats | |Marketing research coordinator position could educate and help |Being stuck in a “backroom” job with no chance of advancement | |develop marketing skills |Being...
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