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What is a heat pump?
A heat pump is a machine that by reversing its refrigeration cycle can provide heating instead of cooling. Because a heat pump uses a refrigerant it can upgrade the heat in air at even -15ºC to a usable heat source to heat buildings. Difficult to understand perhaps but imagine a domestic fridge or freezer, reverse its cycle and that black grille on the back will be very cold whilst inside will be very hot. Heat pumps can extract heat from air and water and are nearly always used to both heat and cool a building very efficiently and economically. What is VRV or VRF?

VRV is a system developed and designed by Daikin Industries and means "variable refrigerant volume". Daikin protected the term VRV so other manufacturers use the term VRF "variable refrigerant flow". In principle they both work the same and are extremely efficient, reliable, energy saving ways to heat and cool all types of buildings with minimum installation time or disruption. The volume or flow rate of refrigerant is accurately matched to the required heating or cooling loads thereby saving energy and providing more accurate control. In short, they are probably the best systems currently available for mid to large applications. What does an inverter do?

An electrical inverter is used to vary the frequency of the power supply enabling fine step speed control of motors (compressors) this in turn varies the quantity of refrigerant delivered and hence variable cooling or heating capacity. My air conditioning is not working - What can I do?

One of the most common causes of failure is that someone has switched off the power supply. So check that fuses circuit breakers and isolators are all OK and working. Another common cause is blocked air filters, so check they are clean and are regularly kept clean. It helps to refer to the manufacturers operating instructions as well. If all else fails and you are still having a problem, contact our service department. What is COP?...
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