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Everyone in their lifetime makes at least one mistake. It is abnormal for someone to grow up perfectly without doing so; however, the mistake that I made in November 2012 is inexcusable and should never have happened. Even though none of the events were planned, due to my lack of concern and foresight, I have caused significant pain to my friends, family and myself. Ryan Chow, Eugene Cheung, and Ken Tang have all been my friends since elementary school. They are some of my closest friends that I depended on throughout school life to make it more enjoyable and fun. As a result of the idiotic incident, some of the friendship bonds have been broken and will never be the same. Every day, excluding the weekends, I spend eight hours in school with Ryan; sometimes we spend up to nine or even ten hours together if we have morning lab sessions and after school activities. I sit beside him, if not near him, in all of our classes. We have been doing so since the start of high school. Now, we both must go through the class with a sense of awkwardness and discomfort, which is very energy draining. It feels as if I have only known him for a few days but before the incident we had been best friends for six years. Before the November incident we sometimes got in trouble for speaking so much in class, but now there are only few words that are spoken with each other. I cannot imagine how much betrayal Ryan must have felt when he found out that I was the one who had committed such a childish act. Fortunately, Ryan and his parents are such generous and caring people that they decided to forgive me and stated that they will still be my friends, although it will never be the same. If I were to be in Ryan’s position, I would not even be able to face me - having been betrayed by a friend that dates back to the sixth grade. Eugene and Ken are also great friends of mine, having known each other for more than 7 years. Although the damage dealt to our friendship isn’t as great as

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