Hurt Existential Crisis

Topics: Existentialism, Philosophy of life, Existential crisis Pages: 3 (1154 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Life Hurts
When one is listening to a dreary song, the singer words may become lost in the tone of which the song is expressed and the meaning behind the context is neglected. The song “Hurt”, by Nine Inch Nails, is one that has an existential undertone which allows the song to showcase it morose nature and its emotional importance to the narrator. “Hurt” does not simply contain the common ideas of existentialism but rather demonstrates an existential crisis of which the narrator experiences. An existential crisis occurs when an individual is struggling to identify who he is and what is the reason for his presence in life. Evidence in “Hurt” of an existential crisis is that the narrator shows expression of his current loneliness and of how he believes his relationships with people are not long-lasting. Another characteristic of an existential crisis included into the song is that the narrator is questioning his individuality and what he has currently become due to his previous choices. An additional symptom of his existential crisis is his feeling of unfulfillment with himself which leads him to wish he could create a new beginning for himself as well as a new identity. Through these aspects being incorporated we can diagnose the character as someone who is facing an existential crisis. Within the song “Hurt” there are multiple signs of the narrator’s lonesomeness. In the second stanza, he states “My sweetest friends/ Everyone I know/ Goes away in the end” This signifies the abandonment and disconnection he endures. It indicates that clearly the relationships he has shared with anyone even his “sweetest friends” have not been durable and that people are of no real importance because their presence in his life is limited. The nature of his character is someone who struggles to hold any enduring connection with people and comes to the troubled realization that he is alone. This line is repeated once again closer to the end of the song, this emphasizes his...
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