Hurricanes Versus Tornados

Topics: Tornado, Tropical cyclone, Storm Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: January 7, 2012
Two devastating and deadly natural disasters are the hurricane and the tornado which both cause heavy amounts of damage and are uncontrollable. There are many similarities in how hurricanes and tornadoes are formed. Although they are distinct disasters, hurricanes, and tornadoes pose similar threats to resources because of high winds which can destroy properties and affect the economy along with people’s lives. Both the hurricane, and the tornado are rated on a category scale. First, devastating, and deadly natural disaster is a hurricane. In order for a hurricane to form it has to begin in a warm atmosphere. The seas are normally at their warmest from June to November. A hurricane requires sea- surface temperatures of at least 26 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit). This provides energy for the hurricane and causes more evaporation making humid air and clouds. The winds coming together force air upwards and winds flow outwards above the storm, allowing the air below to rise. Now this is what makes the storm and the light winds outside the hurricane steers it and this is how it grows into a formation of a hurricane. All hurricanes are dangerous and can cause numerous amounts of damage but the most dangerous parts of hurricanes are storm surges which also cause huge amounts of damages because of flooding. The flooding is caused by winds pushing ocean water toward sand. It is estimated that ten-thousand people die each year because of hurricanes. Many of human’s deaths are caused mainly by the flooding that occurs during a hurricane. For example, during hurricane Katrina in two-thousand and five it was devastating because much of the city of New Orleans flooded. Some eighteen-hundred people lost their lives because of hurricane Katrina and more than twenty-five hundred injuries occurred as well. No one wants to be caught in a hurricane because nowhere in a hurricane are you safe. This is why it is important to look for hurricane warnings and to evacuate if it...
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