Topics: Tropical cyclone, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Andrew Pages: 4 (1385 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Hurricanes can cause damage that can last a life time. For example, Hurricane Katrina has affected hundreds of families till death with the loss of their loved ones. On the other hand when someone hears the word hurricane in Florida he or she immediately turns on the television or radio to see where the hurricane is going to go. This means to Floridians, here comes two weeks without power, gas, and most importantly air conditioning. In 2004 Florida was a magnet for hurricanes; this has caused scientist and meteorologist to produce more effective research on all sorts of information about hurricanes. Reading these articles can truly help you prepare for the worst to come ashore. Most of the research has been done in recent years due to the fact of global warming and hurricanes having more strength. If people do not take serious precautions hurricanes can be of great danger to them. Over the years there have been many articles produced on how hurricanes form, the major effects that hurricanes can have when landfall is made, and the information on major hurricanes that have come ashore on various United States (U.S.) coasts line.

First off, what does the term hurricane mean? The word hurricane is from a Caribbean Indian word similar to hurricane, but is spelled harakan; meaning evil spirit and big wind (Fitzpatrick 1). Hurricanes start out as tropical depressions then intensify into a tropical storm then furthermore intensify to hurricane strength ( n.pag.). Hurricanes mostly develop in the warm waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean near the equator ( n.pag.). According to How Stuff Works, “Most Atlantic hurricanes begin off the west coast of Africa, starting as thunderstorms that move out over the warm tropical ocean water” ( 3). The thunderstorms are called tropical disturbances, which are low-pressure areas which feature low pressure gradients with barely any form of rotation. They release...
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