Hurricane Katrina

Topics: Florida, Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: March 15, 2006
The feeling of being in a threatening storm, especially the feeling you get when you know it might impact you, is such a terrible feeling. Just imagine winds coming at you extremely fast, and knowing that they could hurt you very seriously. Every one is this world has heard of Hurricane Katrina, but does everyone know what has cause it, and the long-lasting effects it has had on the United States? Many people may not know just how strong Hurricane Katrina has been. Hurricane Katrina was named the sixth-strongest Atlantic Hurricane ever recorded. Katrina has also been recorded as the most expensive Natural Disaster ever recorded, and caused major flooding to many parts of the southeastern United States, mostly in New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina hit many places in the United States, but it impacted in more places than others. One of the first places hit by Hurricane Katrina Southern Florida. Katrina hit Florida as a category 1 Hurricane. So far, only 12 deaths have been reported there. Florida's estimated damage is between $1 billion and $2 billion. Mississippi and New Orleans were hit the hardest. Apart from those two, other states that were partially hit from the hurricane were Georgia and Alabama. In Alabama, after the hurricane, more than 584,000 people were left without power. Tornados were also reported after the hurricane. Only two deaths have been reported in Alabama, both in traffic related accidents during the Katrina. Georgia was also hit by Hurricane Katrina. There were heavy rains, damaging winds, and reports of tornados. There were only two confirmed deaths.

Mississippi was majorly impacted by Hurricane Katrina. After the hurricane, almost a third of Mississippi's population was without power. Many of the attractions have been destroyed. Several casino barges were pulled out of the water and put onto land. Most of Mississippi's deaths were in Biloxi, and there are 238 reported deaths.

The hardest hit place was Louisiana,...
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