Hurricane Hugo, a Dangerous Storm

Topics: South Carolina, Hurricane Hugo, North Carolina Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Sam Blalock
29 March 2013

Hurricane Hugo
Hugo was overall a very dangerous storm. It cost billions in damage and many lives too. Until after Hugo, it was the worst recorded storm in history. Hurricane Hugo was an extremely perilous storm.

Hurricane Hugo formed over the Atlantic on September 9, 1989. It moved across the ocean becoming stronger and stronger until it became a category 5 storm. It then passed over Puerto Rico. The winds started at around 30 mph and grew. Hugo then proceeded to move west at about 21 mph.

The maximum winds during the storm were at 160 mph. On September 17th, Hugo made its first landfall in Puerto Rico. Later, on September 22nd, Hurricane Hugo hit Isle of Palms, South Carolina. The same day, Hugo went into North Carolina and the eye passed over Charlotte.

Many people tried to evacuate before the storm came. Lots of people were stuck indoors. Almost all stores were wiped out, as those who stayed needed food, water, and lighting. For those who did leave, they boarded up their windows.

Older homes that were hit were demolished. What was left was washed away by the storm surge. Debris was strewn everywhere. An estimated 107 people were killed. Over $10 billion dollars of damage was done. Windows broke and cars were destroyed.

In Downtown, Charleston, winds were at 87 with gusts of 108. Prior to the storm, residents of Mcclellanville took shelter in the cafeteria at Lincoln High. However, a storm surge flooded the room, with some people climbing up the pillars for safety. A part of the Ben sawyer bridge collapsed due to strong winds and storm surge. In South Carolina alone there were 35 total deaths. The cost of damage was around $6 billion, and in North Carolina it was around $1 billion. Charlotte was reached about 5 hours after landfall. Schools closed and power was lost. However Florida was an entirely different story. The highest winds from Hugo were just at 23 mph in Jacksonville. In Georgia, the storm...

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