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Twelfth Night VS She’s The Man

Love is a powerful thing, most people take advantage of love but then there are the lucky ones who find their true love. In Shakespeare play Twelfth Night and in the movie She’s The Man are very different. They are both very much the same. But they both have different scenarios. In the end, both stories teach us the same lesson, no matter how different they are.

One similarity between the play Twelfth Night and She’s The Man would be the characters personalities. Viola in Twelfth Night is rough, very adventurous and outgoing, so is viola in She’s The Man. Both Violas actually have the guts to dress up as a man and do all these things women can’t do, se a different perspective.

Both productions have the same settings. In Twelfth Night, the kingdom is called Illyria and in she’s the man the school is called Illyria. Both schools are very competitive, so is the kingdoms in the play.

Along with the same love triangle, it starts off as Viola dressing as a man, while being a man she falls in love with Orsino but Orsino loves Olivia who loves Cesario who is actually viola in disguise. It’s very dramatic because everyone thinks Cesario is a man, who is actually viola, which really draws the reader/audience in.

Besides the similarities, Twelfth Night and She’s The Man are entirely different. While in the book/production Sebastian is thought of to be dead, but in the movie Sebastian just goes away to London with his bad and only Viola knows. Also, Sebastian has a girlfriend in She’s The Man, while in Twelfth Night Sebastian doesn’t have a girlfriend, but marries Olivia in the end.

Another difference is that in Twelfth Night, Duke acts like he’s a prince; very shallow. In She’s The Man, he’s laid back and an excellent soccer player. Duke in She’s The Man, always new Olivia, and in Twelfth Night, he was always in love with her.

So as you can see, even though Twelfth Night and She’s The Man have many...
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