Hunters Point

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Federico Giustini
Prof. Tiso
Final Project Essay
Alternative Project for Hunters Point

Hunters Point is a neighborhood on the south side of Long Island city in Queens. The East River waterfront defines the neighborhood through its amazing views of the Manhattan skyline. Hunters Point’s history is mainly based on its industry that is currently not as prevalent as it once was. Several problems for hunters point exist and need to be addressed in order for the neighborhood to meet its potential as being a fulfilling area for its residents and visitors. Hunters Point’s rapidly growing population has caused high rent prices and a shortage of retail and residential districts. In addition, there is a lack of transportation and parking to meet the demand of the overwhelming amount of new residents. Furthermore, one of the neighborhood’s greatest assets of its waterfront is extremely underused. Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, has attempted to solve these problems and appease residents by rezoning the whole area and creating the Hunters Point South project, which has been successful in transitioning the neighborhood into a new era. However, there are a few minor issues with several aspects of his proposals and our alternative project address these issues, while maintaining the successful components of Bloomberg’s proposals as well. The second minister of the Dutch Reformed Church in New Amsterdam had originally purchased Hunters Point. When the British came, in 1664, it became a part of the Town of Newton and later passed into the hand of the family of a British sea captain, George Hunter. In 1825, the name of the estate was changed to Hunters Point. The transition from a rural to an urban community began in 1861 as the Long Island Railroad was forced by local protest to move its principal terminus from Atlantic Ave to Hunters Point. After Hunters Point turned into an urban community, the area became a highly industrialized area. In 1870, the neighborhood was incorporated into Long Island City (Greater Astoria Historical Society). Deindustrialization occurred in the 1970’s & 1980’s and left many abandoned warehouses and factories among the community. There are several fundamental problems in Hunters Point that affect residents and inhibits the growth of neighborhood. The population has increased 64% over the last 10 years and Hunters Point is currently not built to support these new residents. As a result, new housing is needed in order to house the new residents and bring down the high rent prices caused by the short supply of residential units. Bloomberg has created the Hunters Point South project to introduce 165,00 units of affordable housing to the area (NYCEDC). These new high-density residential buildings will be located on the waterfront exposing the beautiful view of Manhattan to its residents. When Bloomberg’s project is completed, it will solve the issues of an underused waterfront and lack of residential areas. There is a lack of transportation to take people to various points in and out of Hunters Point. There is only one subway stop that serves the whole area and the ferry does not come frequent enough to handle the amount of residents that commute to Manhattan on a daily basis (Kazis). Our alternative project aims to solve this issue by extending the hours of the ferry close to times that rival that of the subway. In addition, we will extend the #7 subway, only subway that goes into Hunters Point, through to Hunter’s Point South to allow these residents to ride the subway without walking far distances. Lack of parking is a prevalent issue that is caused by the influx of new citizens into the neighborhood (The Real Deal New York). Our proposals to solve this issue include building low elevated parking garages around new commercial and residential districts. In addition, parking garages will also be built near new high-density apartment complexes, which could be used as extensions of...

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