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What is government?
The government is the executive branch of the state and has the role to administer the state uniformly in the following aspects: political, economic, social, cultural, use of natural resources, environmental protection, national defense and security, and foreign affairs. Form of state is defined depending on the constitution drafted, generally structure of state can be divided into: unitary state and federal state, this probably affects the government in exercising limit on its power.

What is the purpose of government?
The main purpose of the Government is to govern, manage and protect the individual rights for its citizens. It ensures the proper use of force by specifying laws, to clarify the use of force. The government is also responsible for enforcing laws. The purpose of a government is to make policies and enforce them through laws. A government also has the duty of protecting the individual rights of its citizens. A government tends to provide stability, provides services and keeps order which enhances domestic and foreign investment. Government plays a very important role in the lives of its citizens in protecting them and their rights. The government ensures that proper infrastructure such as hospitals, roads, schools and others are set up and well maintained, as well as ensuring that the economy is stable in order for the people to be happy, safe and healthy. The main purpose of the government is to regulate the economy and provide a stable foundation for the country. The government implements the government policies and advises its ministers. It makes laws, provides services, and keeps order in a country. The purpose of government is to keep a country in order. Government creates laws and provides various services for individuals throughout the country. Also Government is designed to solve issues that involve the courts. In order to maintain order there is a need for Government. The government has many purposes, the sole purpose being to regulate the economy and provide a stable foundation for the country. The government represents the people, allowing them to run the society the way they believe it should be ran.

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