Hunter's in the Snow

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Hunters in the Snow by Tobias Wolff

Hunters in the snow is a short story about three unique men on a hunting trip. This story takes place in the winter outside of Spokane. The mode of transportation is an old truck with a hole in the windshield, making it a very cold journey. Each of the characters has a secret they are concealing from the others. Tub hides food and blames his obesity on overactive glands. Frank conceals the fact that he is in love with his 15 year old babysitter. And Kenny, the comedian, doesn't tell the others that a farmer asked him to shoot his dog. In the beginning of the story Kenny and Frank are buddies. They exclude Tub from their conversations and make fun of him to his face and behind his back. The friendships change after Tub shoots Kenny in the stomach. Tub and Frank are suddenly buddies, laughing at Kenny. They even lie to Kenny at the end, letting him believe that he is being taken to the hospital. They have actually forgotten about him, taking a turn away from the hospital leaving him lying in the back of the truck, freezing. The Rich Brother and Hunters in the Snow are written with many similarities. In The Rich Brother, there is a relationship between two men who are brothers. They tell lies to one another, to hide their real lives and feelings. Most of the story takes place in Pete's car. In the end of the story, Donald gets out of the car and Pete drives off leaving him to fare on his own. Hunters in the Snow is based on a relationship between three men who are

friends. Their relationships with one another are based on lies. A good portion of this story takes place in Kenny's truck. The story ends with Tub and Frank forgetting about Kenny, basically ‘leaving' him on his own.
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