hunt for the seventh

Topics: Birth order, Child, Hearing Voices Movement Pages: 2 (799 words) Published: October 21, 2013
The Hunt for the Seventh

Jim Brown is the main character. He is thirteen years old and just lost his mother. His younger sister is Sally who is very curious and his father Mr. Brown has suffered depression. They all try to start a new life by moving to Minerva Hall. Mr. Brown gets a new job as the head gardener at Minerva Hall which is a historical English mansion called the Minerva estate. They all move into the back part of the mansion or south turret. Lord Minerva is the grumpy owner of the mansion that hires them. He sits in a wheelchair and watches his security cameras. When he meets the Brown family he smiles with a devilish grin and Jim doesn’t trust him. Lord Minerva says “I don’t get out much but I am in control of the entire estate”. He has a vast security system with cameras and monitors all over the mansion. The old gardener Harold says, “This is not a place to be curious. If there is one thing that the master dislikes more than children it is questions”. Jim and his sister Sal are curious and start looking around the mansion. Jim constantly feels someone is watching them. They meet an autistic boy and Jim calls him Einstein. Jim starts to hear voices and feels someone breathing down his neck. He hears someone saying “find the seventh”. When he looks at the statues in the garden he sees a vision of what happened to six children and how they died. The first child died from a weather vane hitting her head, her name was Harriet. Each child reveals themselves to Jim and shows him how they died. Einstein the autistic boy is good with numbers and says he sees ghosts too. Einstein leaves encrypted clues that lead Jim down a path to find other children that died. The conflict is character versus character. He is struggling with the voices he hears from the dead children and trying to find the meaning of “find the seventh”. He also has a conflict with Lord Minerva who constantly watching him on the estate and keeps accusing him of...
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