Hunt for Red October

Topics: Russia, Soviet Union, Submarine Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: October 23, 2005
The Hunt for Red October
By: Tom Clancy

It's December 1986 and Captain First Rank Marko Ramius, son of a Communist Party Secretary and the Soviet Union's most trusted and revered submarine commander, is in charge of a new kind of Soviet nuclear submarine called "Red October." It has a new kind of propulsion system that makes it hard to be detected by radar. Once at sea Ramius heads toward the east coast of the United States and then disappears. Both the Soviet leaders and the Americans are terrified of what he may do. The Soviets feared that he may hand the sub over to the Americans and the Americans feared a secret attack on the United States. Both navies head out to sea to find the "Red October." Jack Ryan, a junior analyst for the CIA, gets word that Ramius is trying to hand the sub over to the United States. Surviving an espionage attack and tricks from the Soviet Union, the United States eventually gets to the "Red October" and escorts it to Norfolk, Virginia.

It was told over a course of eighteen days covering the account of a Soviet sub and its commander wanting to hand it over to the United States. It is very technical and covers every little thing that could possibly happen. It covers every single thing that happens from second to second through hard to read sentences that have genius I.Q. level words in them.

This book is incredibly confusing. The language Tom Clancy uses to tell this story is very technical and if you are like me with not a lot of military experience you have no idea what is happening. I would mentally go to sleep and find that I was two or three pages from when I drifted off. It is so hard to pay attention to what is happening that you have really no option but to drift off. Apparently this was written for people with military experience and if I would have changed something about this book it would have been to take out all the words that only a genius would know and keep the technical talk down to a minimum.

I would...
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