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Monologue model Year 11
Katniss Everdeen volunteering in Prim’s place as tribute and deciding to fight against the injustice of the Games
Katniss enters slowly, stunned, and then as the realisation of the words set in, she races towards the front of the stage to face the panel.
And the girl tribute for District 12 is … Primrose Everdeen!
Not Prim! Not my little duck! There must be some mistake! This can’t be happening!
Stop! I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute in her place! I am Katniss and I wish to be Tribute for District 12. Don’t take Primrose!
Katniss takes a minute to compose herself before continuing.
I promise I will do whatever I can to bring victory to this District and that I will be a true and brave Tribute if you allow me to stand in for Primrose.
Moving towards the fence line where her friend Gale is standing.
Gale– come and get her and take her away from here. Please - watch over my Mother and my sister – make sure they are safe and fed. I have to go!
Turning on her heel, Katniss moves back to centre stage where she sees the crowd standing silently, with their three middle fingers on their left hand held to their lips.
Is this really true? I see you and I understand the message you are sending me with your fingers touching your lips and then held out to me. This is our District sign – this is the sign that means thanks and admiration. I will try my hardest to be true to our District and to undermine this cruel and humiliating festival that is the Hunger Games.
Katniss’ movements start to waver as the seriousness of what she has done starts to really sink in. She is moved to a room in the court house behind the stage.
This room is where I finally await my fate and the reality of it is hitting me hard. The injustice of this reaping makes me physically ill. I want to throw up so bad! This room once seemed so big but now its walls are crushing me and closing in on me. I fear for my safety but I know I have made the right decision

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