Hunger of Memory 2

Topics: Spanish language, English language, Dominican Republic Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: October 8, 1999
The theme of separation is an important development in the novels Hunger of Memory and How the Garcia Girls lost their Accent. The novels deal with separation differently. For Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez, the separation allows Richard to move from the private world to the public world. Here, separation is a movement for a solution, which is citizenship. In How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accent by Julia Alvarez, the separation is an effect from Antojo. Richard Rodriguez immediately recognizes the separations in his early life. He considers the inside of his house to be private and the outside of his house to be public. His family and the Spanish language belong to his private society. It contains a feeling of intimacy and a sense of belonging. The los gringos, school and the English language are associated with the pubic society. Several other kinds of separation emerge from this separation of public and private society. There are separations of sound and word, female and male, and reason and affection. Richard believes it is natural to move from one separation into another. He needs to do this in order to move from the private to the public society. This movement is voluntary by Richard and forced by his parents. It is done to help Richard’s education. It will give him better opportunities in the United States. Speaking only English at home initiates the movement, instead of speaking Spanish. Ultimately, Richard can have a sense of belonging to the public world. He will become a citizen. Separation causes an uncertain future in How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accent. It is the result of Antojo. Julia Alvarez describes Antojo as a mysterious and powerful force. It causes both separation and a return to family. In the beginning of the novel, Yolanda returns to the Dominican Republic even after she is no longer forced to go there by her parents. She is drawn back to the island by the manifestation of Antojo. There are...
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