Hunger Games Evaluation Essay

Topics: Film, Art, Actor Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Hunger Games – The Movie

The movie, The Hunger Games, is based off of the popular written series of books by the same title. Although the accuracy of the plot of the movie being transitioned from the book to screen-play, is lacking, the film still does a phenomenal job of keeping the viewer engaged. The special effects flow through the movie smoothly and without complication. The acting, in some cases, are amateur, most of the actors do very well at their roles. I had no problems believing the actors. The next movie that you should see is The Hunger Games. It is worth every penny.

I am a little sad that the translation from The Hunger Games, novel originally written by Susan Collins, to the screen-play written by Gary Ross, left out, what I considered to be several important parts. In my opinion when I go to the movies, to watch a movie based on a book, I go to see the story that I fell in love with brought to life. When I see changes in the story line that seem as though they could have easily been put into the film, were either changed or completely left out. I can understand leaving out parts for reasons such as not having the budget or time to include them, however the most common reason I hear is to cut down the movies run-time. Which I don't understand, because filmmakers should know that fans are willing to sit through longer movies. Overall though, the movie was done very well. Gary Ross had the help of Susan Collins in writing the screen-play and they did an adequate job of converting the popular novel into a motion picture. They did not change the overall arcing plot of the storyline and for that I was very pleased.

Keeping the audience engaged is, in my opinion the primary goal of a movie. Doing so can be a monumental task indeed. It takes harmony on multiple levels, which requires a very skilled team in order to achieve. The Hunger Games, seems as though they had one such team. The sound is very well done, as is the cinematography. Having...
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