Hunger Games book report

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The Hunger Games
The book and the movie The Hunger Games are both adventurous and suspenseful. The book was written by author Suzanne Collins. She is famous for the Hunger Games trilogy. The book was released on September 14, 2008. The movie was released on March 23, 2012. Both the book and the movie are great. However, there are many differences between them two.

There are many big, key differences between the book and the movie. First of all, in the book, most of the book is set in the Arena where Katniss Everdeen and Peeta battle in the Hunger Games. In the movie, it has many scenes outside of the Arena where the movie shows Haymitch, Everdeen’s and Peeta’s mentor. Also, another difference is that the reader cannot see what the viewers in a movie can see because the book is told from the perspective of Everdeen, whereas the movie is told from many different perspectives. Another difference is that the book cuts out a part of the movie that can be important. The scene in the movie is where President Snow tells The Gamemaker not to give the players too much hope. In that scene the viewers can see that President Snow is a true villain.

There are many differences about the plot, but there are also many differences about the characters too. First, in the book, Everdeen, the main character, has olive skin, grey eyes, and black hair. In the movie, she has white skin, blue eyes, and brown hair. Another main character named Peeta, has blue eyes and blonde hair. In the movie, Peeta has brown eyes and still has blonde hair. Also, in the book Peeta cannot swim but, in the movie it is said that Peeta is able to swim. Peeta’s personality in both the book and the movie is very compassionate and he is in love with Everdeen. Many viewers and readers like Peeta because of his personality. Another character named Gale, Everdeen’s best friend, has olive skin and black hair, the same as Everdeen. In the movie, he also has white skin and brown hair like Everdeen. However,...
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