Hunger games

Topics: The Hunger Games, Romance, Love Pages: 4 (1336 words) Published: May 13, 2014
The Hunger Games

By: Suzanna Collins


World Civilization


Sydney Boyd

Period 4

The book I read for my book report was The Hunger Games by Suzanna Collins. The Hunger Games takes place sometime in the future. It’s a time where the people had tries to overrun the government and now everyone is split into 12 different districts. Each district is important for producing a different product, like fish, coal and other necessities. Some of the districts are a lot poorer than others. For example, district one and two are the richest because they are the closest with the capitol, so they get better food and they also get more. They are also treated better than other districts. But, in district 12 everyone is poor, most people have to illegally hunt for food, and some families for days or even weeks at a time without eating. Then there’s the Capitol, which is basically like another nation but everyone, is rich and has the best technologies. The people in the Capitol are never suffering like the rest. The Capitol is where President Snow lives and run the nation they live in, Panam. Every year Panam has the hunger game. This is where all 12 districts have to randomly draw one girl and one boy as tributes to fight to the death against all the other tributes. There can only ever be one winner. The only place that doesn’t have to supply tributes is the capitol. So, when the night comes where they draw names, the mayor of each district gives a speech describing how the government of North America collapsed and the country of Panam rose up in its place. And then talks about a war between the capitol and the districts. The capitol won, and as a reminder of the defeat, that’s why the districts must supply tributes for the games. The setting of my book is in the future. It doesn’t really say when exactly, just sometime in the future after North America’s government failed. This is important because it shows a representation of the...
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