Hunger Games

Topics: Future, Poverty, Hope Pages: 1 (462 words) Published: April 4, 2013
The Hunger Games is a text that illustrates a war torn world where the rich and powerful are in control of the poor. The text identifies our real life fears and hopes through the imaginary dystopian world of Pamen. This is the present day North America. Rabkin states humans understand their world and themselves through narratives. The hope and fears of their narratives become our futuristic hopes and fears. Humans today have fears for the future including; poverty, lack of food and water, population growth, employment, disease and death and also complete government control but they also have hope, without hope life is pointless. The Hunger Games demonstrates these fears. For instance the poor in Pamen are afraid of starving, afraid of being chosen for the games on reaping day, fear of another riot or war controls the people of Panem. It is actually fear that enables the rich and powerful to control the poor. Katniss is unable to love because of her fear of losing a loved one. Her little sister Prim is her main hope and motivation, Prim makes Katniss promise that she will try and win the games. Humans must have hope to have a meaningful life. Without hope for a better life and world people would just give up just think of families in refugee camps or in asylum centres. The characters in The Hunger Games show us that hope is vital. The people of District 12 are hopeful of a better life. Even though they have fear of being chosen at the Reaping there is hope that one of their two tributes will win the Hunger Games. But this hope is contained by the capitol. As President Snow notes” Hope is the only thing stronger then fear, too much hope is dangerous, a little hope is effective a spark is fine, as long as it’s contained. One of the key dynamics of the Hunger Games is what happens in a world where all hope seems to be lost. Through small acts of kindness hope can be sparked, and a spark can turn into a blaze. In the past, Romans fought to the death to entertain the...
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