Hunger By Michael Grant: Character Analysis
Topics: Family, Short story, John Steinbeck, Suffering, Great Depression, Chinua Achebe / Pages: 2 (312 words) / Published: Oct 7th, 2015

In the novel Hunger by Michael Grant, the central figure, Sam Temple, faces the struggle between surviving as a community. Sam has quickly become the leader of Perdido Beach after every adult has disappeared. But now the concern over starvation is imminent and chaos between other rivals descends upon the town. For example, the narrator says, “Survival. We’re not winning that fight. We’re starving. Kids eating their pets. We’re breaking up into little groups that hate each other. It’s all going out of control.” (Grant, 374) Sam states that the town is failing because they don't have a way to grow or find food, and because of this, Sam is now known to be a poor leader, adding more stress to him. Also, the narrator says, “It’s my job to pick the

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