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Hunger in India

According to the World watch Institute website, the global grain production has transcended any moment in the history and at record high. Unfortunately, at the same time, there is more than one tenth of population in the earth are living with famine, which is also at the new record high. The problem of hunger usually happens in the undeveloped countries, such as Nigeria, Kenya, and other countries in Africa and Asia. India is the worst nourished country in the world. There are two reasons for hunger of India

The Report on the State of Food Insecurity in Rural India says that FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) has calculated that in India, there are more than two hundred million undernourished people, which is about twenty-one percent of the national population. Moreover, about forty percent of children die with malnutrition and one-third of adult have lower BMI (Body Mass Index)(3). Actually, India has the potential to produce the world's highest crop yields and India produces the second highest amount of both rice and wheat per year. There are two reasons of famine in India: overpopulation and unequal distribution.

First, overpopulation is a big issue in India. Nowadays, India increases about fifty thousand people every day. The government of India does not try to deal with this problem seriously. The population has brought many problems to the government such as the country's natural resources are exhausting rapidly and most of population is very poor and they live in the slums. In fact, three hundred million people live on less than a dollar a day.(4) Also, overpopulation means the cost of production is increased. Even though, technology and growing economy make India possible to increase production of goods. But, the most important is when the population is growing too fast and lands are getting worse, people have to farm with expensive irrigation so that the cost of production for basic necessities...

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