Hung Liu

Topics: Linseed oil, Painting, Paint Pages: 1 (209 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Hung Liu’s paintings are originally based on photographs of ancient Chinese royalty. However, she makes one critical change than affects the viewer’s interpretation of her painting. Liu blows up her painting to a ridiculous size. This allows for more detail in the painting itself, because more is visible to the naked eye. This also increases the effects the drips give to the overall painting. Instead of just drawing straight lines that contrast each other, she uses a linseed oil paint to give the painting a more natural feeling to it. A bigger size allows for more detail to be presented. The viewer is more attentive to the intricate details of the painting, and allows more room for interpretation. The massive size of said painting also allows for longer drips. This brings out a different contrast than if the painting was just transferred exactly the same as the photo. For example, in the Three Fujins, I interpreted the dripping lines to mean sadness and depression. The lines give an illusion of tears flowing downwards. The cages added by Lui onto the painting, also wouldn’t be possible if not for the size of the painting. The message they convey would not nearly be effective on a smaller portrait.
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