Hundred Secret Senses

Topics: China, Culture of China, First-person narrative Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: March 5, 2006
Summary Section

Pages 1 – 50
We start off learning about a Chinese American family by the eyes of Olivia, the main character. She talks about her full-blood family, and then she transits to her half-sister, Kwan. According to Kwan, she had "yin eyes"; she was able to see the dead. Olivia also talks about how her husband, Simon, is getting divorced, while Kwan tries to stop the divorce. Kwan also tells a story about a girl in China named Nunumu, describing her encounters and such. Pages 51 – 100

As the story transits into a faster pace, we see some of the beginnings of Olivia and Simon's relationship, all the discussions and such. We also see Olivia's reaction to a girl that was Simon's ex, making Olivia insecure about the relationship. Kwan, on the other hand, continues with her story. The girl runs into General Cape, which is her friend Miss Banner's lover, and suddenly remembers all the bad things that she heard about him. She tells her friend about these things, which upsets her and causes a small breach in the relationship. Pages 101 – 150

After learning of the death of Simon's ex almost 15 years ago, a dinner is planned to change the course of Olivia and Simon's relationship. After thinking about the dinner, we also see into Olivia's trouble in the marriage. The two sisters also get closer through this dinner, strengthening the relationship. We also find out more about Kwan's story, and what General Cap's true colors are.

Pages 151 – 200
After the dinner goes successfully, yet the marriage still seems corrupted, Kwan attempts another desperate measure. After wanting to visit her relatives for some time, she offers a trip to China to both Olivia and Simon, which took some debating over to make their decision, but ended up going. We also get to see their first day in China, and how their lives are so much more different than Americans. We also learn of some of the conflict in Kwan's story, which I believe is man vs. man. Pages 201 – 250

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