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Topics: Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Ethanol Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Lindsay Foreman
Humpty Dumpty Challenge
The purpose of this experiment is to determine the most efficient air bag that will protect Humpty when he is dropped. When talking about the most efficient air bag we are talking about using the least amount of chemicals to make the most carbon dioxide to inflate the bag. We hypothesized that a small amount of sodium bicarbonate with a small amount of acetic acid will create enough carbon dioxide to inflate the bag so Humpty will have enough cushion to protect him from the fall. Procedures:

* Electronic balance
* Graduated cylinder
* Saftey goggles
* One egg (Humpty Dumpty)
* Paper lunch bag
* 50cm masking tape
* 1.775g sodium bicarbonate
* 0.001269 liters acetic acid
* Two resealable 1 quart plastic bags
* Scoopula
* Weighing paper
1. Measure out the sodium bicarbonate and acetic acid into two sets of each. (one for each bag) 2. Add the chemicals into the bad (seal bag so the carbon dioxide will not escape) 3. Tape Humpty inbetween the two sealable palsti bags.

4. Put the bags with Humpty inbetween them into the lunch bag 5. Drop Humpty’s vehicle to the ground. (The height will be given to you by your teacher) 6. Observe Humpty to see if he has any cracks in his shell. 7. Record data

When doing the experiment we observed that the amount of chemicals used was the right amount to inflate the bags to protect Humpty when he fell to the ground. Analysis and Conclusion:
This experiment turned out just as I excepted. The amount of chemicals we used inflated the bag enough to protect Humpty but also it wasn’t to full so that we were able to put the bags into the lunch bag without ripping the bag. When Humpty was dropped he did not break. The air bags were a success. The small amount of chemicals used was the right amount to inflate the air bags. Source of Error:

There was no source of error...
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