Humor Concept Speech

Topics: Comedy, Humour, Humor Pages: 4 (1129 words) Published: February 26, 2013
The two clips I showed are ones that I find particularly hilarious. Not for any particular reason other than the fact that I just do. That’s the beauty of humor; it’s not a science, it’s an art. There is no magical equation to making an audience or even a person laugh at every presented joke because each person has their own sense of humor. Today, we’ll be exploring the definition, synonyms and antonyms, how different types of humor are linked to our society and central aspects that make humor so individual centered. The word humor has various definitions. Wikipedia defines humor as the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement; whereas merely defines it as comedy and/or funniness. The term derives from the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks, which taught that the balance of fluids in the human body, known as humors (Latin: humor, "body fluid"), control human health and emotion. A few synonyms include amusement, banter and happiness. Antonyms include drama, depression and seriousness. Do you know what the films Super Bad, Tropic Thunder, Anchorman, Animal House, The Hangover, Bridesmaids, Zoolander, Air Plane, Talladega Night, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Juno, Team America: World Police, Wayne’s World and Step Brother have in common? (pause for audience answers, if any) They all ended up on Best comedy lists for their year of release and that decade. Each of these films may have the fact that they are all comedies in common but that is where the similarities end. Each caters to a specific audience and a particular type of humor. Let’s take a look at various television shows of the last few decades. The Cosby Show, Roseanne, The Office, 30 ROCK, Parks and Recreations, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Modern Family, Full House, I Love Lucy, Three’s Company, Will and Grace, Family Guy and Batman. Yes, I said Batman. All of the shows, much like the...
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