Humor and Satire in the Works of Evelyn Waugh

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I am a student of philology profile, on the lessons of home reading we get acquainted with the work of various British writers, among them: Lewis Carol, Oscar Wild, Evelyn Waugh and ect. I have not quite understood humor and satire of many works. Moreover, many foreigners think that English humor is not funny enough. I would like to find out if it is true. I would like to consider means of creating humor and satire in the works of bright, talented humorist Evelyn Waugh.

The aim is to identify linguistic means of expression humorous and satirical sense in the works of Evelyn Waugh.

The purpose of the study identifies the following tasks:

1. Consider the concept of establishing a satirical and comic effect.

2. To define a satire place in Evelyn Waugh’s creativity.

Tasks need to use predetermined set of methods and techniques of analysis. The text was processed by continuous sampling, is also the main descriptive method, which includes observation, synthesis and interpretation and method linguistic analysis.

The plan of my research is the next:

1 .Peculiarities of British humor.

2 .The difference between satire and humor.

3. Phenomenon of non-standard compatibility.

4. Evelyn Waugh’s Biography.

5. Analysis means of humor and satire in works of Evelyn Waugh.

The sense of humor is the individual characteristic of the person. However, the national humor has a certain set of features which distinguish it from others. The British humor didn't become an exception. It is so often discussed. It began to be perceived as national line of English character.

It is believed that the Englishman can be learned to three signs: stiffness, arrogance and on sense of humor which will be never clear by foreigners who know English poorly. As the Chesky writer Karelian Capek wrote in his «English letters», «Englishmen are always serious, solid and respected, but suddenly something will flash, they will tell something very ridiculous, full of humor, and then will again become solid, as an “old leather armchair”. “He has no sense of humor”, is often heard in Britain, where humor is so highly paid.

To translate jokes from English into Russian, you need not only good knowledge of these two languages, but also have a sense of humour, understand the mentality of the two cultures, their emotions, to feel more English than to know it academically.

1.The difference between satire and humor

The main forms of comic art is traditionally recognized as satire and humour. The comic is based on the game for a person to reality. To achieve a comic effect in the text uses the identity of all language levels. In literature and art of comedy - is a broad concept that can manifest itself as a satire and a sense of humor. Satire - a way to display the comic in art, consisting of withering mockery of phenomena that appear to the author flawed. Hallmarks of satire: to highlight the bias, publicistic, conscious cusp of life's problems, a bold violation of the proportions of the depicted events.

Humor - a kind of comic, in which most clearly traced the interaction of intellect and emotion, and laughter is not necessarily supports signal humorous effect. The impact of humor on people depends on the context, situation and mood.

Humor is a complex mental education, the essence of which is detected in real communication. Humor - the ability to notice the funny side of someone or something, and to provide, to show it in a mildly mocking, imbued with a playful, good-natured mocking mood, attitude towards anyone or anything.

Linguistic basis of humor are semantic shifts in individual words or linguistic structures (phraseological units - PU) under the influence of sudden consumed neighboring words or elements (eg, morphemes) in a particular context.

Satire and humor - these are the poles of laughter, which tend all the other forms. Satire as a desire to expose and humiliate a negative...
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