Topics: Humour, Amusement, Humor Pages: 4 (1355 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Summary 1
Humor usually tends to provide amusement and provoke laughter. Anything funny usually makes people laugh, smile and be amused. Jean Harvey explains that people who have a great sense of humor appear to be disappointed less by failure and are more relaxed. On the other hand, those who appear anxious and solemn are often more serious and look as if something might be disturbing them. Humor always makes people ready to face new challenges that may come up in life. Humor usually equips us with a lot more interest in life since it is based on incongruity and novelty especially when ones expectations become violated. Also, the distance which exists in humor usually gives us a measure of certain objectivity especially when we look at ourselves. This makes us be more realistic and less egocentric when viewing the world from our own perspective. This individual based approach assesses humor and its value based on how the individual faces life. He claims that sense of humor enables one to be objective and this may signal an increase in self esteem without one being egocentric. The problem with this is that expression of sense of humor is usually a social act hence, those involved or those who participate prove to be very crucial. Usually intentional humor involves a set of three crucial players. These include the initiator, the subject on which this humor is based, and the target audience. Thus, the response may be in two forms: the audience may break into laughter or they may not even smile, leave alone laughing. Hence, humor can be viewed as a risky business whereby its success depends on the response of those present and that is if the response occurs in a desired way. Oliver Goldsmith states that, “the jests of the rich are ever successful.” This also applies to daily observations. Humor is not always played in a field which is even. This is especially when the subject of this humor is present. People usually differ in regard to the kind of factors that come...
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