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What is humble? My definition of humble is when a person thinks less of themselves and is grateful for what they have, recognizes their faults, and can admit that they are not the best at everything. Being humble is necessary to succeed in today’s society, and it is a necessity to go far in life. Although it is a struggle trying to be humble while dealing with certain people, I strive to be humble in everyday life. I do this because I accept the fact of knowing that I am not better than anyone, but I know that I am different from everyone else.

Admitting that I am not the best at everything, is one of the ways that I learned to be humble. Being a football athlete, is very challenging because it seems as if I have had to carry the team on my shoulder. After every game, someone would tell me that it looked as if I was doing all the work by myself and like I was not getting any help. In fact, I felt as if I was doing everything on my own, and I was going hard on the field as well. I even had one person to tell me, that Terrell White was “That Guy” on the team. All of this had me feeling as if I was the best player on the team and no one could do better than I did, but all of that changed before I knew it. We had a game against Northeast and we were winning; I was in the game going hard as usual, and after a play I was took out of the game because of my bad attitude. Once I was out of the game, the score began to go downhill, and we lost the game. I was angry, frustrated, disappointed, and I felt that it was all my fault that we lost the game. After the game, I finally came to my senses. I realized that I had embarrassed myself as a team leader and I felt as if I had let my team down. Because of this, I also realized that I was becoming arrogant and letting my ego get the best of me by letting what people said get to my head. With my realization, I came to accept the fact that I was not and I am not the best on the team. I became humble...
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