Humanity Essay

Topics: Sociology, Science, Religion Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Humanity Essay
Many have debates on whether humans are naturally humane or if they become more or less because of their society and vice versa. In other words, people are a function of their society. Human beings tend to group themselves in to multiple groups with various likes and differences. These groups can affect society and society can have an impact on these groups. Therefore, society can affect certain groups over time.

As societies evolve, they are subjected to social changes which include factors that may or may not affect the species. For example, the external factors of society (including war, immigration, natural disasters and technology), seize of human population, and governments are key elements that cause social changes that are relevant to cause changes in humanity over time. Science for All American Online states that, “The condition of one generation limit and shape the range of possibilities open to the next. On the one hand, each new generation learns the society’ cultural forms and thus does not have to reinvent strategies for producing food, handling conflict, educating people, governing, and so forth. It also learns aspirations for how society can be maintained and improved. On the other hand tensions way lead to war, wide-scale drug abuse, poverty and deprivation, racism. And a multitude of private group advances” (“Chapter”). In this quote, it describes how certain social changes change society and the groups that form society. Therefore, people are more or less because of society and there is no such this as human nature. Many socialists suggest, “Human beings are so great that there is no such thing as human nature – that we are simply a reflection of social surroundings with no inherit behavior, no core or ‘essence’ or special qualities that makes us human…if we can somehow perfect our social surroundings, we can perfect the human beings” (Le Blanc). In this quotation, it explains how some believe there is not human nature and...

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