Humanity and Politics in Gullivers Travels

Topics: Gulliver's Travels, Human, Lilliput and Blefuscu Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: October 8, 1999
The four parts of the bool are arranged in a planned order to show Swifts shame and disgust against humans. Swift seems to be criticizing human nature where as gulliver shows respect more than they deserve ýn his first adventure in Lilliput where miniature people fight wars over the proper way to break an egg. which we can name this reason of wars in a way of criticizing British and European society, that annoys the leaders of Britain. this foolish reason of wars is the way of satirizing the politicians in a way of dealing with useless things and also in a way satirizing human nature. on the other hand the unexpected arrival of Gulliver into Lilliputians developed society made an unexpected effect on them. they don't see themselves in the way that gulliver sees, they think themselves as normal and gulliver as an ugly giant. moreover the Lilliputians choose their government officials among rope dancers which is extremely ridicilous and resembles to the British government system. like this one, Lilliputians, in order to give Gulliver his freedom, prepared a contract. with this contract they thought that they got the control of gulliver but they failed. they falsely believe that they can control with power of their laws, a fault shared with the europeans. Lilliputians do not question their cultural norms because they don't believe in any other living things exist on earth except them. and also they want to set free gulliver because they want to get rid of the symbol (gulliver) which reminds their smallness and they again want to think only abaut their greatness and being the most powerful creature

ýn his second voyage to giants land, Gulliver shocked with the treatment he face to face. ýn giants land women look upon him as an animal, not a man and ignore his sexuality. He is undressed before them, pressed to their breasts and made to watch him undressed. he finds their skin and smell repulsive and understands the Lilliputians comments on his own...
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