Humanities Reaction Paper (Paintings-Msuiit Charter Day)

Topics: Observation, Peace, Art Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: January 3, 2013
SITTIE RAYHANA M. PAINGCOHumanities Elective (WF / 10:30-12:00) BSA – 5 July 17, 2012

Untitled Art
By: Lukas ‘12

It was a bright afternoon when I went to the art exhibit displayed during the week celebration of MSUIIT Charter Day. Even though my knowledge on paintings is so limited, I was still amazed by those paintings displayed at the corridor of SET. Every painting has its own concept and style, but there was one painting that captured my eyes most. It was an untitled work of art, but the variety of colours caught my attention. But, upon observing the painting, I realized that it was more than the variety of colours that the painting is trying to convey. The artist was not there for me to ask him what the interpretation of his work really is. But as I assessed the painting, in my own observation, the painting is all about PEACE.

At first glance, I did not notice that this painting is actually divided into three divisions. The main part is where we can see a crab and a shrimp with a background of various curls and colours to serve as the water where they swim. And I believe that the painting is really about the peace in Mindanao because of the pattern of colours which is commonly known as trademark in Lanao. And with further research about the crab and shrimp for better interpretation of this work of art, I have known that these two creatures are enemies. So I think, the artist is trying to show indirectly a peaceful relationship through those creatures.

And then there is the other division which can be found at the upper-right part of the painting. As I have observed it, it shows unity among the people in a community with different culture and beliefs. I can say that by the look of the clothes they are wearing. The one is in a long sleeves top while the other one is wearing clothes like of those ethnic people. Amidst the different culture and beliefs, the artist is trying to send a message that there should be peace and unity...
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