Humanitarians Contribution to Abolition of Slavery

Topics: Slavery, British Empire, Abolitionism Pages: 3 (1258 words) Published: October 15, 2012
History Essay Chapter 6: Emancipation
In this chapter we learn of the work of many humanitarians, who tried hard to get the abolition of the slave trade (slavery) some lead to conditions being improved until finally freedom was given to the black man and his family. It was true the society in Britain was changing in many ways, a new era was there, the use of machines powered by steam production of man made products easier, men and women from all over the country flocked to town to look work, with their low wages they had to buy food Framers there improved their methods of agriculture so to be able to supply more food. In the earlier times the West Indian planters provided Britain with goods but as the industry grew they could no longer satisfy Britain, whose empire was now spread eastward to Asia: India, Burma and Malaya first did by the Americans and Canada, being not as efficient in the W.I boosted this.Espically with what I call the little sugar revolution there. During all this slaves became less useful to Britain and made the work of abolitionists easier but there were other issues; with the suffering, lack of education, crime, sickness and hard laboring of women and children in mines a new middle class of managers and business man grew up and cared little about workers once money was made. Persons called reformers just like abolitionists were fighting against problems like this and tried to help.

It was at a meeting of parliament it was brought up questions like “who are our fellow men?”And “are factory workers our equal “also at the times a slave Josiah Wedgwood who made china cameos would put on them the question’ Am I not a man and a brother?’. All this caused heated arguments amongst planters, reformers, humanitarians and industrialists. Many events took place like public meetings of which politicians could not ignore but the planters by these works felt threatened by growing situation because they wanted to keep slaves for as long as possible (and...
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