Human Trafficking: It Happens Here, It's Happening Now

Topics: Human trafficking, Slavery, Prostitution Pages: 9 (3199 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Human Trafficking, it happens here, it’s happening now.
Imagine a young girl whose family is struggling and unable to provide her with a good education and a woman arrives and offers this young girl a job and a chance to attend school. Since this opportunity is unlikely to be offered at another time, the girl accepts the offer. When this young girl arrives in this supposed “opportunity of a lifetime” it is a living nightmare. The story you’ve just pictured is true in the case of 12 year old Maria from Vera Cruz, Mexico. When woman named Sandra Bearden from Laredo, Texas wanted a maid, someone to do the house work and help with her four year old son. She drove across the border to the small town where Maria and her family lived. Sandra offered Maria education and work the same kind of chores she did at home with her family but this work came with the benefit of education and learning English. Marias parents allowed her to go; they trusted Sandra because she herself was Mexican born. When Maria arrived she entered this horrendous nightmare. Sandra used violence to squeeze every ounce of work Maria “needed” to finish. If Sandra felt that Maria wasn’t working fast or hard enough she would blast pepper spray into her eyes. When Maria wasn’t working Sandra chained her to a pole in the backyard without food or water. An eight foot concrete fence kept Maria from being seen by neighbors. Once Maria was chained the torture continued. Sandra would often choose to for Maria to eat dog feces. During the time Maria was chained she would fade in and out of consciousness because she was dehydrated and starving practically to death. Luckily one of Sandra’s neighbors needed to do some work on the roof that probably saved Maria’s life. When glancing down over Sandra’s concrete fence the neighbor saw Maria chained up and whimpering, he called 911. The police found Maria chained hand and foot, covered in cuts and bruises. Marias enslavement lasted seven months. Sandra was arrested and is now serving a life sentence, convicted of multiple offences, including human trafficking and slavery . This story as awful as it may be is the truth. I as many other American’s was unaware that this type of slavery could exist right next door to our homes, not only there but in 183 other countries . My main research question is, Is anyone actually putting in the effort to stop human trafficking? My initial argument in this passage that will help me answer this question will be many Americans are working effectively to stop human trafficking. I will attempt to prove this argument by telling you what human trafficking is, explaining the different forms of human trafficking, explaining the trafficking in persons report tiers, telling you a few stories of victims of this crime, and discussing how Americans are effectively stopping trafficking in Cambodia, Mexico and the United States. What is Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking is a crime against humanity. It is the recruiting, transporting or receiving a person through a use of force, violence, deception or other means; for the purpose of exploiting them in various ways. According to the U.S. Department of State there are eight different forms of human trafficking, Labor Trafficking, Involuntary Servitude, Child Soldiers, Sex Trafficking and Prostitution, Children exploited for commercial sex, and Child Sex Tourism. Labor trafficking is forced labor that occurs when unprincipled employers take advantage of gaps in the law to exploit their workers. The workers are made more helpless because of unemployment, crime, discrimination and cultural acceptance in the work force. Female victims of forced into bonded labor, especially those in domestic servitude, and are often sexually abused. This form of human trafficking is harder to identify and make estimates of how many victims there are; unlike sex trafficking, but more often people are guilty of this form. Involuntary Servitude is when a person becomes...
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