Human Trafficking: How to End It

Pages: 10 (1997 words) Published: March 8, 2015
Dang Long Minh
Human trafficking, how to end it
According to Yuri Fedetov, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, at any time given there are a shocking 2.4 million people suffering from the act of human trafficking. Terrifyingly, 18% are used for forced labor and up to 80% of trafficking victims are being abused as sexual slaves, and prostitutes, with every two out of three victims a woman. Additionally, as little as one out of 100 victims is ever rescued (The Telegraph, 2012) (1). Human trafficking ruins the lives of many young people around the world and must be put to an end. In this essay I'll be discussing the future scenarios and propose three possible solutions to human trafficking.

Human trafficking is defined as the transfer of a person by threat by use of force or by forms of deception for the purpose of exploitation (UN Office on Drugs and Crime, n.d.)(2). It is the fastest growing global crime and also the second largest source of income for organised crime with a reported $32 billion earned every year by the criminals running human trafficking networks (UNODC, n.d.)(2) (Stop The Traffik, n.d.)(3). Despite being illegal everywhere in the world, this illegal act is still happening and although it might seem like an issue found only in remote areas it is actually happening all over the world, even occurring in fully developed countries. The daily products we use and consume might have been made by human trafficking victims.

Although a crime with a scale this enormous might seem unstoppable, this growing problem can be put to an end. In order to achieve this everyone needs to play there part and work together. Already, there are activist worldwide holding campaigns raising awareness of this matter and to hold governments and companies responsible for it. Thus, better laws are created to counter human trafficking (CNN,2011)(4). This is especially noticeable in the United States, as they are committed to giving strict punishments for traffickers and additionally, a protection and support service for victims are also being developed. The UK also has the 'National referral mechanism for victims of trafficking' which is developed to help identify and support victims and moreover, share all information between the main agencies to work together including the police, border force, gangmasters licensing authority, local authorities and few non-governmental organisations (gov.UK,2013)(7). Canada have also started investing money towards solving this global crime with the government investing over six million dollars annually for several organisations (Public Safety Canada, 2014)(9).

It is important that human trafficking must be investigated carefully to come up with a clearer picture of the problem and make it available to all interested parties to hopefully find a solution. However, human trafficking is too big of an issue to be solved by the US and UK alone, if any nation wants to eradicate human trafficking it needs to be willing to work with other countries. All nations can lend a helping hand by sharing their reports on cases of human trafficking in their country as close monitoring of human smuggling cases is a necessity to come up with a strategy to combat them. Studying the trends of these cases and increasing security where needed will greatly reduce the number of cases. This might be the 'silver bullet' to human trafficking but it is not an easy task to make every country in the world collaborate and it requires a lot of finance and organising to commence. International and local funding can help raise enough money to kick-start the operation (Freedom4Innocence, n.d.)(5).

"Education and knowledge of trafficking in persons among all members of society are key to beating human traffickers. You have to use all of the means at your disposal to raise awareness about the crime, its nature, causes and damage to victims - Governments, civil society, the press, private companies: each and...

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