Human Trafficking

Topics: Smuggling, Human trafficking, Slavery Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: November 17, 2005
Human trafficking is the trade of human beings and their use by criminals to make money. That could mean forcing or tricking people into prostitution, begging, or manual labour.

As many as 500,000 people are trafficked in Europe every year, the majority are women and girls who are forced into prostitution.

In Europe, girls and young women are particularly at risk from criminals who promise good jobs or study and then force the victims to be prostitutes. The criminals profit while the girls and women suffer rape and other physical and mental violence.

Human trafficking is so common now that it's the third most profitable criminal activity in the world after illegal drugs and arms trafficking.

Victims do not agree to be trafficked - they are tricked - lured by false promises - or forced.

The trafficker takes away the basic human rights of the victim: the freedom to move, to choose, to control her body and mind, and to control her future.

Do not confuse trafficking with smuggling. A smuggler will facilitate illegal entry into a country for a fee, but on arrival at their destination, the smuggled person is free; the trafficking victim is enslaved.

Fast Facts

Between 2 and 4 million people are trafficked worldwide every year - United Nations estimate

As many as 500,000 people are trafficked in Europe every year, the majority are women and girls who are forced into prostitution - US State Department

80% of victims trafficked across international borders are female and 70% of those women and girls are trafficked for sexual exploitation - US State Department

It is estimated that between $7-13 billion a year is made from trafficking

Why should you care?


- The trafficking in persons is WRONG - it is the most shocking form of human rights abuse - you thought slavery was a thing of the past. It is happening now and it is happening here, there, and wherever you are.

- It could happen to you, or someone you...
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