human trafficking

Topics: Poverty, Commercial sexual exploitation of children, Child sexual abuse Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: October 22, 2014

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 The government increased anti-trafficking prevention activities during the reporting period. Government officials condemned human trafficking in public statements and presentations, in addition to warning more than 250 students about the dangers of human trafficking. Anti-trafficking flyers and materials were disseminated widely. The government also tightened issuance of exotic dancer permits to Jamaican hotel establishments, and eliminated their use in night clubs. Efforts to identify victims of trafficking among holders of these permits were intensified during the reporting period, and the government reduced the total number of permits to eight. Increased government collaboration with Jamaica’s hotel and tourism industry would assist efforts to prevent child sex tourism in resort areas; despite reported sexual exploitation of Jamaican children by foreign tourists, no investigations or prosecutions of such suspected criminal activity were reported by the government. The government made efforts to address demand for commercial sex acts by conducting high-profile raids on hotels and nightclubs.

Implementing measures

The time has come for all nation states which are prepared to deal effectively with human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children and women to revisit the following common-sense strategies:

The promotion of de facto equality between women and men.

The speeding up of legal reform to remove all the barriers that prevent societies from achieving just justice systems for all victims of violence.

The provision of state funding to sustain legal clinics, shelters and therapeutic centres for victims of rape, incest, carnal abuse, trafficking and spousal abuse.

The refocusing of poverty eradication and related social programmes in order to reach the most marginalised and the underclass in both rural and urban centres.

The strengthening of partnerships with private sector entities in...
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