Human Trafficking

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Assignment 2 Movie Social Analysis

Using the outline below, write a five- to seven-page review of the movie that deals with social issues:

1. A brief overview of the content, story line, and themes;
2. Identification of social aspects that are mirrored in the film; 3. Evaluation and analysis of the movie from a social point of view, with the use of social concepts. Each concept and key terms should be underlined. 4. Summary of your findings and description of changes in your beliefs and attitudes about this social problem.

You may choose a movie to analyze, you must briefly summarize the movie and then move on to the bulk of your paper, to evaluate and analyze it from a social point of view. Keep in mind that your review cannot be just a summary of the movie. You must isolate, define and discuss the social issues shown in the movie, looking for the directorial point of view and discussing what that point of view reveals about how the social issue is depicted.

PLEASE NOTE: Your paper should not be limited to a summary of the movie. In fact the summary of the plot should be very brief. It should not be a cognitive assessment or evaluation of the film’s production, or accuracy either.

Grading Criteria for Movie review
Organization and coherence 20%
Evidence and support 30%
Analysis and use of course concepts 30%
Style and mechanics 20%
TOTAL 100%
PSY 311

The Whistleblower is based on a true story. It is about an American police officer Kathryn Bolkovac who is offered a job at Bosnia for the United Nations peacekeeping mission after the war. As she gets more involved in her work, she discovers that there exists a sex trafficking band that leads to prostitution of teenage girls. The movie develops primarily around the story of two girls who are tricked and then lead to prostitution. They are offered an opportunity to work at a well known hotel but that’s a complete lie. They are sent to a border crossing country with illegal passports. They end up at her office and that’s how she starts to investigate. The investigation was not easy at all, the girls didn’t reveal any names because they were threatened and scared of the constant sexual abuse and severe punishments received when not obeying, also the torture and seeing the death of other girls when breaking the rules. She starts looking for clues that lead her to the leaders of the band, certainly risking her job. After being turned down by various authorities to support her investigation and receiving certain anonymous threads to quit it, Kathryn gets more involved in this, discovering that not only the Bosnian police are involved but, also American officers who are there as peacemakers, her own co workers, high range authorities of the government as well as people who belong to the nongovernmental organization that she works for, the United Nations. She is fired from her job and has to abandon Bosnia. Furious because nobody wants to stop the band and surprised it’s the authorities who permit it, she goes to the British press and reveals all her investigations mentioning all the names involved in the case. The news becomes worldwide and of course, denied in certain occasions. In this film, The Whistleblower , we can observe several social issues. One of them is human trafficking, which is considered the second largest high paid crime after drug dealing. The International Organization for Migration (2002) defines this concept the following way: Human trafficking involves controlling and exploiting people after transporting them to a new location, often beyond the borders of their homeland. In this modern form of slavery, traffickers use threats, intimidation, and violence to break their victims' will and resistance. Human trafficking has become and international business. Unfortunately it exists in all the countries in the world and it’s a high profit industry. In this case, the girls are victims of sexual exploitation but, not necessarily...

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