Human Suffering

Topics: Suffering, Oedipus the King, Debut albums Pages: 2 (959 words) Published: May 5, 2013
The Inevitability Of Human Suffering
Life is not always fair. There are ups and downs and as humans we must learn to get through them. Even though we might think someone has a perfect life and you want to be him or her, his or her life is not as great as it may seem. In life, I believe that human suffering is inevitable. Someone’s life may be perfect but I believe at some point in his or her life they may suffer. Suffering may come in many different forms. It may be from a death, bad news or simply just from a society that you live in. Oedipus the king, The Tempest and “utopia” use examples to show how human suffering is inevitable by creating situations for the main character(s) that cause them to be in difficult situations and make difficult decisions. Oedipus the King addresses the theme of suffering simply by the story. Oedipus is given a prophecy as a child that he will kill his father and marry his mother. After hearing this prophecy from a drunken man Oedipus leaves his town and heads to Thebes. At a crossroad he kills his father not knowing it was he. He then solves a riddle saving Thebes and then made king. He soon then marries his mother and has a child with her. Oedipus tries to find out the truth but then denies killing his father when the truth is told. Finally when he accepts the truth he stabs himself in the eye and his wife commits suicide. Oedipus once had it all. He had money, a wife and people who adored him and wanted to be him. I think the author in this story is expressing the inevitability of human suffering by having Oedipus find the truth at the end of the story and harm himself in the one way in which he made fun of blind Tiresias before. It is the ultimate punishment for Oedipus and it shows the irony of blindness and truth. “Thebes, city of death, one long cortege
and the suffering rises
wails for mercy rise
and the wild hymn for the Healer blazes out clashing with our sobs our cries of mourning—
O golden daughter of god, send...
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