Human Suffering

Topics: Suffering, God, Punishment Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Human Suffering
​In the story of Job, the author illustrates human suffering throughout Job’s life. Job is the perfect example of how a Christian should be; his trust and faith in God is immeasurable to any other man. The Accuser is confident that he is able to break Job down so that Job will turn his back against Yahweh. This leads the Accuser to confront God and ask for his permission to test Job. Yahweh grants the Accuser the opportunity to tempt Job’s allegiance to God: “Yahweh said to the Accuser, “Everything he has is in your power, but do not harm his person” (67). The Accuser rids Job of all of his worldly possessions and even goes as far as affecting his health to tempt Job’s faithfulness to Yahweh. ​The Accuser indirectly causes Job to lose everything he has. Job was blessed with numerous amounts of animals, servants, and children. The Accuser caused events to take all of this away all in attempt to make Job curse God. One of these events harmed his children: “Your sons and daughters…and a great wind came from across the desert and struck the four corners of the house and it fell on the young people and they died…” (67). Even with the tragedy of Job losing his children, he still showed his faithfulness to God. Job’s loyalty and commitment to God in this situation illustrates the type of man he was. Job knows that God has a plan for him and even if it means that he will lose everything that he has, he stands fast in his faith. Job remains faithful, because he knows that God’s Will shall be done. ​Even through losing his animals, servants, and children, he did not turn his back on God. Now, the Accuser realizes the measure of faith this man has in God and decides to ask Yahweh for another attempt to persuade Job to betray God. The Accuser inflicts upon Job a gruesome skin disease affecting his entire body. At this time, Job’s wife is questioning why he continues to remain devout to God. Job’s wife, as many people today would, is advising Job to curse...
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