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Human Sexuslity

By wantedlove Nov 28, 2010 1012 Words
Human Sexuality
Scholarly Vs Media

The purpose of this paper is to compare scholarly versus popular media on human sexuality.

The journal that was chosen to be discussed is called “Infidelity in dating relationships” The authors of this journal are as follows: Richard McNaulty and Jocelyn Brinemen. This was published on December 1, 2007.

This study was conducted using research from a discussion group of younger college aged students. These students were asked to define a word and also a definition was given to them and they were asked what that definition meant to them. They had issues with this study because not everyone has the same view on what infidelity or cheating actually is.

Almost all the students interviewed agreed that vaginal intercourse was considered the ultimate cheat. Some students didn’t feel that heavy kissing and petting were considered cheating. Because this is about a dating relationship and not a marriage there is no fine lines that state that all dating relationships have to be monogamous. Two thirds of the students both male and female stated that cheating was wrong. However, it was less unacceptable to men than to women.

There were a total of 7, 253 people who participated in this study and out of that number 98% were undergraduate college students. A large percentage of both male and female students admitted to some form of infidelity whether it was heavy kissing and petting or full blown sexual intercourse.

The question of why people cheat was not one definition rather it was several. Personality traits and attitudes and relationship styles were the main reasons listed to define why people cheat.
Now here comes the popular media side of things. A lot of websites are perfect for this but I chose the It didn’t take long to find a story with comments from readers to use for this project. The article is called “Are men born cheaters?” by Phillip Gordon. This was an interesting article and it seems to focus on the old saying once a cheater always a cheater. It begins by discussing some famous men who are very promiscuous. For example Earvin Magic Johnson is reported as acquiring the aids syndrome. It even goes as far as choosing Bill Clinton as a man that women love even though his affair with Monica Lewinski shook the entire USA.

In this story they define cheating and or infidelity as sexual relations including oral sex, touching of genitals and full blown sex acts. The story seems to be very straight forward with the attitude of men cheat because they always have. A paragraph in this story suggests that men are really born cheaters by cheating on their taxes and etc. This article makes it sound like hey men always cheat deal with it. On the other hand it also discusses what makes a woman cheat. According to this story women cheat because when we ovulate it is natural for us to seek out and acquire the best sperm we can find.

Boys will be boys and the cheaters will never stop cheating. Women accept the fact that men cheat and why should men change it? It even goes as far as stating as long as there are women who will fool around with your man then there will be infidelity.

In comparison these articles have a little in common. They both ask the question what is considered cheating and they both have some definitely laid out answers. However the scholarly journal is more mature and reads like it is trying to solve a problem and offer answers where as the media version reads like a joke. The media version does not take it seriously and they seem to find it funny. By using examples of men who aren’t faithful and promoting them in a way stating women love them even though they are cheaters. The biggest difference in these articles is the way they are written. Consumers who are looking for educated readings on infidelity should go with the first article. Consumers who want a raw somewhat smart ally version should read the other.

The pros to these types of scholarly articles are that they are based on facts from researching real people on an educated basis. The people interviewed for that journal were not cocky and proud of what they had done. They shared their answers based on their feelings. The media article is more of a straight cut what the boys talk about late on Friday night. The first story doesn’t idolize men or women for infidelity where the second story seems to focus on how great the men who were known for cheating are.

When looking for an answer that is based on findings from asking regular people questions the scholarly journal is the one you need to look at. If you just want to read a popular men’s magazine website then the other story is for you.

Professors dislike the media type websites when it comes to preparing a paper. You cannot base good research on a media website as most are on the net to make money. Sex sells and people who are looking at men’s magazine websites are not looking for solid defined answers but rather a good read.

In conclusion I have read both of the articles and actually I feel that the media has made men who cheat something to idolize. It makes me sick to read that women have a thing for Bill Clinton. His looks alone are appalling and the fact that he would like to the whole USA and his wife makes me sicker. I dislike cheating of any kind and I have been cheated on by someone in my past. This is the reason I am alone today.

Gordon, P. (n.d.). Are men born cheaters? Retrieved from McAnulty, R., & Brineman, J. (2007). Infidelity in Dating Relationships. Annual Review of Sex Research, 1894-114. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier Database.

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