Human Sexuality Final

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 3 (1176 words) Published: November 22, 2011
* Human Sexuality

Relate value systems and critical thinking to your sexual decision making before and after this course This course has been very insightful and delivered a mountain full of very useful information that undoubtedly has the ability to positively impact an individual’s life. Critical thinking is a very important aspect of life that is often overlooked and can often lead to consequences that could have possibly been avoided had the ordeal or situation been approached correctly. Critically analyzing a sexual decision is nothing less than a priority because of the impact that a “heat of the moment” decision could have. One must be skeptical when approaching a sexual situation because the ultimate goal, a moment of pleasure, could lead to a lifetime of unmanageability due to either a sexually transmitted disease or, the birth of an unplanned child. This course has opened the authors eye’s to many things including, but not limited to, the importance of critically analyzing a given sexual encounter. It is all too easy for sexual pleasure to take hold of a moment, no matter what its form, causing all of the possible negatives side effects that surround the encounter to be blocked out or overlooked. Now at this stage in life the rational value system is allowing for me to see the possibility of pain or any other forms of trouble that may arise by acting on the moment. Describe the effect of environment and historical perspectives on your sexuality Times have changed immensely when it comes to talking about sex and sexuality! The author had grown up in an era where sex did not possess the power that it has today; in fact, buying condoms was a bitter task that caused insecurities and a moment of awkwardness. Personally during early developmental stages with the author’s nurtured environment his exposure to homosexuality was at a minimum with no real information provided about his paternal father, the...
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