Human Sexuality and I. Introduction Prostitution

Topics: Prostitution, Human sexuality, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 6 (2140 words) Published: March 7, 2013
I. Introduction
Prostitution is sometimes known to be one of the oldest profession. Even few stories from the Holy Bible talk about prostitution as the oldest profession a woman have. Single women at that time were often no way to earn a living. Women were often not allowed to own property or learn a trade. There was no such thing as social assistance, it was every person for themselves. So, since men have always been at their cravings, women learned they could use their bodies to get food, shelter and clothing. In modern society that survival necessity has been largely removed. At least in the western world there's really no reason someone has to do this to survive. However, men are still pigs and will pay. So now it's become a way for quick cash for addicts or women that have no real belief in their ability to earn a decent living legitimately. Philippines is one of the countries in the world who has been affected of this kind of living. Prostitution remain illegal for it is a serious crime with penalties ranging up to life imprisonment for those involved in trafficking. It is very sad to know that a lot of filipina engage in this kind of job are underage. Somehow, there are countries where prostitution has been legalized. Recent news we had is that United Nations had propose to legalize prostitution in Asia and that will be discuss as we go further on this study. So we, the researchers, were to focus if prostitution degrade the sanctity of life or will the legalization of prostitution eliminate the conditions of poverty and will stop trafficking and exploitation of women in great oppression.

II. Statement of the Problem
Prostitution has become prevalent in our country today among growing teens and youths. These young people see selling of their bodies as the fastest way of getting income for their keeps. The major purpose of this study was to reveal the reasons behind some women who consider prostitution as a source of income and particular to that was also to determine the state of prostitution in the Philippines nowadays and it sought to answer the following questions: 1. When did prostitution started?

2. Can we consider prostitution as a job?
3. Why do women become prostitutes or what are the causes of the problem? 4. How does the society accept the fact that prostitution exists? 5. What are the effects of Prostitution in the society, especially women who are engaged to this kind of job? 6. Does it help the socio-economic problems of the women living in the Philippines? 7. Should prostitution be legalized?

III. Causes of the Problem
IV. Effects of the Problem
Prostitutes are part of life, since they provide sexual services. They provide temporary companionship and perform sexual acts. You may enjoy their company or this will lead you to trouble because this is illegal. We as catholic, this kind of work are sinful and immoral. A prostitute does not only destroy marriages, families, and lives but it also destroy the spirit and soul in a way that leads to physical and spiritual death. Illegal or not, prostitution exists as an informal institution in every metropolitan area. In most metropolitan areas, police agencies use dubious, illegal entrapments to arrest prostitutes and their customer, by wholly ignoring your civil rights and your right to privacy. One reason often given as to why prostitution is immoral is that it tends to involve coercion or bullying. Social effects of prostitution can be applied or seen on an individual, family, community, and the country. Social effects of prostitution are often more to the negative things. A social effect that usually occur to individuals is that individuals will continue to be involve with symptoms of brothels. Prostitution affects the way of life of poor communities. Same for instance, prostitution can cause a disease called HIV. Disease can spread if individuals do not follow how to avoid sexual diseases such HIV/AIDS. A person...
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