Human sexuality

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The earliest messages I received about menstruation was around the age of five or six. While I was growing up my dad's brother was always on the road due to semi driving and as a result of this his only daughter Courtney often stayed with my family during the week while he was away. Courtney is about five years older than me and I always looked up to her because I only had two younger siblings, a brother and a sister, and they were too young for me to look up to. Although we spent so much time together I vividly remember one day more than others. As she was going to the bathroom, I was sitting on the sink talking to her. As soon as she looked down at the toilet, I remember her crying and yelling for my mom. As my mom ran into the bathroom and realized what was occurring she asked me to leave the bathroom so she could talk to Courtney alone. Before I could ask any questions, my mom and Courtney ran to the store and I was left at home with my dad. When they finally got home I asked my mom why Courtney was bleeding from her "privacies" and my mom sat me down and gave me the "talk." She explained to me that girls have to go through this process called menstruation about once a month so we can become a woman and have babies when we get married. She then explained to me why she had to go to the store and what she purchased. She told me she had to buy Courtney things called pads and tampons because my mom no longer had her parts that gave her a period because she had a thing called a hysterectomy when I was four years old, after my sister was born. I quickly gathered the information and wanted to make sure Courtney was ok. I was a little nervous to touch her after the talk, but I just didn't want to hurt her.

The second earliest messages I received in regards to menstruation was in the fifth grade. I remember the week before the thirty minute talk, our teacher, Mr. Edmundson, passed around a permission slip that needed to be signed by our parents in order for us to...
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