Human Sexuality

Topics: Gender, Homosexuality, Heterosexuality Pages: 4 (1442 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Chelsea St.Cyr
March 14, 2013
SOC 251-001

Social constructivist theory, as explained in Welch chapter 7, states that homosexuality develops over a span of time and that is greatly influenced by society. Bem argues that gender needs to be depolarized. This mean that the distinction between male and female would not influence culture as they do now. From that stems the idea that femininity, masculinity, heterosexuality, homosexuality and androgyny will be kaput. Sexual script theory details the attitudes, beliefs, and values that a society approves of. In chapter 7 of Welch, we are told that scripts are what give us the idea of normative sexual behavior. Indigo shows us how freely teenagers have casual sex. This is taboo in most areas of the world. However, it has become a norm in the culture of the United States.

Hand in hand are sexual script theory and sexual systems. It appears as though you can not have one without the other. Sexual systems emphasize the role you are meant to play in your society and culture. There was tension between Hooks’ brother and father. The source of this tension was that Hook’s father felt that his son was lacking masculinity. He was not interested in the masculine things that his father believed he should be. Hooks’ brother was encouraged to be masculine but he defied the norms.

Queer theory focuses on gender and sexuality. Queer theory states that there is not just male and female, nor is there just heterosexual or homosexual. This builds off of the OBI scale of sexuality. In the article written by Hunter, the OBI scale is displayed. Hunter was considered a “sissy” which is generally related with being homosexual. However, this is not the case. Men can possess qualities that are considered feminine and women can possess qualities that are considered masculine without being homosexual. This is why there are different ratings on both the OBI scale and Kinsey’s scale. Sex is institutionalized in every and any...
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