Human Sexual Behavior and Sexual Abuse Incest

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Incest is sexual intercourse between family members and close relatives.[1][2] The term may apply to sexual activities between individuals of close"blood relationship", members of the same household, step relatives related by adoption or marriage, or members of the same clan or lineage.[3] Theincest taboo is and has been one of the most common of all cultural taboos, both in current nations and many past societies.[4] Most modern societies have laws regarding incest or social restrictions on closely consanguineous marriages.[5] In countries where it is illegal, consensual adult incest is seen by some as a victimless crime.[6][7] In some societies, such as those of Ancient Egypt and others, brother–sister, father–daughter, and mother–son, cousin-cousin, aunt-nephew, uncle-niece, and other permutations of relations were practiced among royalty as a means of perpetuating the royal lineage.[8][9] In addition, theBalinese[10] and some Inuit tribes[11] have altogether different beliefs about what constitutes illegal and immoral incest. However, parent-child and sibling-sibling unions are almost universally forbidden.[12] Children born of close incestous unions have greatly increased risk of congenital disorders, death and disability at least in part due to genetic diseases caused by the inbreeding.[13] -------------------------------------------------

The English word incest is derived from the Latin incestus, which has a general meaning of "impure, unchaste". It was introduced into Middle English, both in the generic Latin sense (preserved throughout the Middle English period[14]) and in the narrow modern sense. The derived adjective incestuous appears in the 16th century.[15] Prior to the introduction of the Latin term, incest was known in Old English as sibbleger (from sibb 'kinship' + leger 'to lie') or mǣġhǣmed (from mǣġ 'kin, parent' + hǣmed 'sexual intercourse') but in time, both words fell out of use. -------------------------------------------------


Table of prohibited marriages from The Trial of Bastardie byWilliam Clerke. London, 1594 -------------------------------------------------
Prevalence and statistics
Incest between an adult and a person under the age of consent is considered a form of child sexual abuse[36][37] that has been shown to be one of the most extreme forms of childhood abuse, often resulting in serious and long-term psychological trauma, especially in the case of parental incest.[38] Prevalence is difficult to generalize, but research has estimated 10–15% of the general population as having at least one such sexual contact, with less than 2% involving intercourse or attempted intercourse.[39] Among women, research has yielded estimates as high as 20%.[38] Father-daughter incest was for many years the most commonly reported and studied form of incest.[40][41] More recently, studies have suggested that sibling incest, particularly older brothers having sexual relations with younger siblings, is the most common form of incest,[42][43][44][45][46][47][48][49][50] with some studies finding sibling incest occurring more frequently than other forms of incest.[51] Some studies suggest that adolescent perpetrators of sibling abuse choose younger victims, abuse victims over a lengthier period, use violence more frequently and severely than adult perpetrators, and that sibling abuse has a higher rate of penetrative acts than father or stepfather incest, with father and older brother incest resulting in greater reported distress than stepfather incest.[52][53][54] -------------------------------------------------

Between adults and children
Main article: Child sexual abuse
Incest between an adult and a child is usually considered a form of child sexual abuse[55] and for many years has been the most reported form of incest. Father–daughter and stepfather–stepdaughter incest is the most commonly reported form of adult-child incest, with most of the remaining involving...
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