Human services Program and Profession

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After viewing the California Homeless Youth Project's videos, discuss your reactions. What did you know about this issue before you watched the videos? How has your awareness of the issue changed as a result of what you learned? •Do you think others are aware?

How can human service professionals work to educate the public about homeless children and poverty in America? •What are the negative stereotypes of the homeless and where do you think they originated? Hello Professor and Classmates,

After going through the California Homeless youth project’s video, i was perturbed and disturbed about the presence of such energetic young men on our streets and being homeless. I pass by people who are homeless and staying on the streets but this had never hit my mind about what happens to the. I never took a moment to think what could be putting them in the streets and why this people could not just find a home and enjoy their lives in peace.deep in my mind i never thought America was this poor and so many people could not afford a decent meal on their own and had to be supported by the government. I used to think the people on the streets are just lazy and due to this laziness they could not afford a decent life, but this has now changed. How this people performed their day to day routines bothered me, the need to shower, wash clothes, have a place to study, have a sense of belonging all shocked me.I realized there are so many more reasons why people can be homeless.

Among the reasons i appreciated most was domestic violence, disabilities,lack of accessible healthcare,poverty,social exclusion, mental disorders,mortgages and lack of payment and inability to afford a home.i now understand that it s not just laziness and other superficial issues that cause homelessness but also other reasons. Therefore any homeless person i meet on the streets, all this...
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